Photovoltaic packaging materials

Jiangsu Sveck Photovoltaic New Material Co.,Ltd is an innovative enterprise engaged in the new material industry, aiming to become the most leading brand in new material field.Our company has endeavoured in Encapsulation material for years, we are focusing in R&D ,production, sale of new material. Currently our company owns Changzhou,Suqian,Yiwu 3 bases, has 900million sqm production capacity . Our core business: Anti-PID EVA, White EVA, White EPE ,POE , EPE, Black High Reflective EVA, HJT Film HA series, LRF etc. Our products has been sold to over 20 countries and regions in world wide.


White II EVA Film (SV-15297W)

<p>The White Co-extrusion EVA has a double-layer structure, they are transparent EVA &white EVA.During the lamination, the transparent EVA can prevent overflow of white EVA to the cell, decreased the risk of white overflow in the client side. Its low pre-cross-linking characteristics effectively reduce the risk of "micro- cracks" in the client.</p>


Black EVA Film(SV-15297B)

High reflective black EVA film has a structure of white-black or black -white-black structure, it included a black infrared high reflection film layer in contact with the cell and a white high reflection layer close to the other side of the black film layer.



Photovoltaic encapsulation film industry research: clear pattern and deep barriers

Photovoltaic encapsulation adhesive film is used as the core auxiliary material to cover the upper and lower surfaces of the cell. Photovoltaic modules are made with photovoltaic glass, backplane and other auxiliary materials through lamination process in the vacuum environment, mainly to protect the cell and effectively extend the service life of the module. Typical PV module structure