Sveck, EGing PV and CQC carry out outdoor demonstration cooperation of multi-climate types of photovoltaic new technology products

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On November 30, 2022, China Quality Certification Center (CQC), Jiangsu Sveck New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sveck) and Changzhou EGING PV Technology Co, LTD. (hereinafter referred to as EGing PV ) held a signing ceremony for joint innovation of new technology products and outdoor demonstration of multi-climate types.

On November 30, 2022, China Quality Certification Center (CQC), Jiangsu Sveck New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sveck) and Changzhou EGING PV Technology Co, LTD. (hereinafter referred to as EGing PV ) held a signing ceremony for joint innovation of new technology products and outdoor demonstration of multi-climate types. Xiong Zhimeng, Sales Director of Sveck, Huang Baoyu, R&D Director, Zhang Xue, Technical Director of EGING PV Photovoltaic Module and Vice President of Jiangsu (EGING PV) Photovoltaic Engineering Research Institute, and Strategic Marketing Director of CQC New Energy Department attended the meeting.



This time, Sweek, EGing PV  and CQC signed a cooperation agreement to jointly tackle the reliability and power generation capacity characteristics of new technologies and products under multi-climate conditions, and make a beneficial attempt to promote the coordinated and integrated development of photovoltaic industry chain and innovation chain. The project will be implemented at the demonstration base stations of Hainan Qionghai humid and hot climate and Xinjiang Turpan dry and hot climate PV in the National Key Laboratory of Positive Technology for Energy Solar and Wind Power Generation Systems affiliated to CQC. Through long-term monitoring of the weather, module appearance and power, power generation and other data of the test site, the project will focus on the compatibility of the new corrosion-resistant encapsulation film of Sveck "TS" series and the photovoltaic module of the "Star Pro" series of monocrystal series  of  Mono Perc, And the long-term power generation capacity and reliability impact of "Star Pro" series photovoltaic modules, providing important data support for the design of future new  modules and the differential selection of photovoltaic encapsulation materials.
During the signing ceremony, CQC's new energy team had in-depth exchanges with Sveck and EGing PV Optoelectronic team, and the three parties will focus on the goal vision of carbon peak and carbon neutral, and carry out cooperation in the research and development of photovoltaic standards, inspection, testing and certification, joint innovation of new products/new technologies and achievement transformation, so as to promote the formation of a photovoltaic supply chain and industrial chain with stronger innovation and higher added value.
About Sveck :
Sveck is an innovative enterprise engaged in the new material industry, aiming to become a leading brand in the new material industry. At present, the company's core business: anti-PID EVA film, white EVA film, co-extruded white EVA film, pure PO film, co-extruded PO film, black high-reflective EVA film, heterojunction  special film, reflective gap film and a series of products. The company has three production bases in Changzhou, Jiangsu, Suqian and Yiwu, Zhejiang, with an annual capacity . The products have been sold to more than 20 countries and regions around the world.
Sveck has always been pursuing excellence and technological innovation. Its products have successively obtained CQC, UL, TUV, VDE, PCCC, SGS and other certifications. In the future, Sveck will continue to focus on the field of photovoltaic encapsulation film, continue to develop high-quality new products, and strive to be the leader of the photovoltaic new material industry based on the concept of "reducing the cost of kilowatt-hour electricity, increasing the efficiency of modules, and ensuring the safety of power stations".
Introduction to EGing PV :
EGing PV  (stock code: SH600537) is the first photovoltaic enterprise in China that specializes in the production of solar cell modules listed on the A share of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Its main business is the production and sales of crystalline silicon (single/polycrystalline silicon), solar cells and  modules, as well as photovoltaic power generation. It has a complete photovoltaic industry chain and is the first photovoltaic enterprise in China to realize vertical integrated production.
EGing PV  is a high-tech enterprise with "International Science and Technology Cooperation Base", postdoctoral scientific research workstation, Jiangsu Photovoltaic Engineering Research Institute and other scientific research and development platforms established by the Department of International Science and Technology Cooperation of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China. The company's component laboratory is now recognized by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS).
EGing PV  regards "integrity, win-win, realistic and innovative" as its corporate values, and has been rated as the "National Enterprise Observing Contracts and Valuing Credit" for many consecutive years. Adhere to the business principle of "talent oriented and honest business", gather industry elites, introduce advanced technology at home and abroad, and serve the world based on superb technology and high-quality service as the carrier.
Introduction to CQC:
The National Key Laboratory for Demonstration Technology of Energy Solar and Wind Power Generation Systems under CQC, approved by the National Energy Administration, is currently the key laboratory for outdoor demonstration research and test of new energy covering a wide area of China and with a full range of application environments. It has been established in the humid and hot climate of Qionghai, Hainan, sub-humid and hot climate of Shanghai, Hailar cold climate, dry and hot climate of Turpan, Xinjiang, and cold and warm climate of Xining, Qinghai An outdoor demonstration base has been set up under six typical climatic conditions in Lhasa Plateau, Tibet. At the same time, CQC has also established a leading high-quality certification service system such as green product certification, "leader" certification, and environmental adaptability.